Friday, 18 December 2015

Born in the kitchen

Nowadays everyone loves watching cooking and Lifestyle shows.  As Christmas is a week away and I am feeling nostalgic it has got me thinking about family and cooking.  When I think about cooking I remember it was my mother that taught me to cook and my grandmother taught her..

As a child when visiting a friend I would go over to find their parents  making tomato sauce or vino!
I also have fond memories of making  jams, chutney and the traditional fruit christmas cake.
Each Christmas I wait in anticipation for my Plum Pudding and biscuits that my friend Liz gives me made from old family recipes.

 I caught up with a friend last week and she was remembering her parents that had passed on.  I used to go over to visit and they would be baking biscuits... I can remember those smells, eating biscuits and then sitting down to watch Days Of Our Lives..............

I think that's what we treasure the most the wonderful memories we have of cooking together and then sitting down and eating that feast.. One of my favourite movies "like water for chocolate" so beautifully and eloquently shows the deep connection between the kitchen, love of food and family.

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