Monday, 27 May 2013

Price Of Your Product

I came across this article in The Age.  It was interesting reading the comments about the price of a croissant being $4-5 compared to other countries namely France. 

If your an Artisan and your goods are not mass produced then obviously you cant sell your Croissant for $1.  Last time I checked I am sure that some bakeries in Melbourne price their croissants at $3-4.

 I have not tasted Kate's Croissants but I am now dying to! I love Croissants... as for the pricing this is Melbourne. For example if you run a food business from home you have to pay to register your kitchen, if you use a commercial kitchen you still have to pay the council to register it as well as the hiring of the commercial kitchen. If you have a shop then you pay rent. If you sell at a Market you have to pay for the Stall and then there's electricity, gas and Public Liability Insurance. This is without even considering the costs that go in to making your product So if anyone wants to whinge consider all these variables. oh and I forgot your labour!

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